Camden Cops Making Transition to Ethical Protectors

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Gary Klugiewicz, I saw this article (link also below) on Facebook.  It’s a great story of the Camden County, NJ Police Department and their crew going through a program with none other than Jack Hoban from Resolution Group International.

Jack is training the Camden County LE team to be Ethical Protectors.  Part of that program is learning how to effectively communicate with people in such a way that supports Officer Safety.  The non-escalation and de-escalation philosophy and skills that he teaches come from Vistelar’s Verbal Defense & Influence (VDI) program (e.g., the Universal Greeting mentioned in this news article).

The author, Aaron Moselle, did a fine job of depicting Jack’s points of the “why” behind skillful communication.  It builds trust between law enforcement officers and the community (remembering, of course, that law enforcement officers are themselves citizens too of the community).  Skillful communication is an exceptionally effective way to show respect to fellow citizens and human beings. Perhaps most of all on the minds of the Camden County Police Officers, however, is that skillful communication enhances their policing tactics and increases their survivability.

I ask that we spread the word of Resolution Group International (RGI), Vistelar, Verbal Defense & Influence, and Camden County Police Department (for embracing this great approach).  This is the future of professional law enforcement and public service.  And given all the turmoil surrounding law enforcement in the United States, the future needs to be implemented now.



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